You Don't Know Ice-T

ICE-T, whose real name is Tracy Morrow, went from being a gangsta rapper to one of the stars of Law and Order: SVU. Well now, in an interview with US Magazine, Ice-T has opened up about things we don’t know about him.

Here is 25 Things You Don’t Know About Ice-T:

1. I’ll never say no to a friend. That’s why they always ask me to loan them money!
2. I can’t imagine what life with be like without my wife [Coco, 33].
3. The last time I cried was when Coco and I renewed our wedding vows [in June 2011].
4. I love grape Kool-Aid.
5. As a kid, I dreamed of being a bank robber.
6. In fact, that was my first job!
7. My favorite artist is Prince.
8. I had my best vacation in the Bahamas.
9. If I could time travel, I’d go to the Roaring ’20s.
10. I’d recommend my memoir, Ice, to anyone. It’s the best book I’ve read!
11. I love all kinds of cereal.
12. My worst subject in school: all of them.
13. My most embarrassing moment was getting diarrhea while performing at a concert.
14. Harvey Keitel is my favorite actor.
15. I prefer to be indoors.
16. The first famous person I met was my neighborhood crime boss.
17. My best decision was giving up a life of crime.
18. I hate slow Internet load times.
19. I’d love to go to Africa.
20. I think I look like an armadillo.
21. I’m a diehard video gamer.
22. My favorite item of clothing is sneakers.
23. Getting robbed at gunpoint was my scariest moment.
24. My favorite memories are of Christmas when I was a child.
25. I can’t name the coolest thing I’ve done. Everything I do is cool.

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