Hunter Bowden – Ririe HS

From May 20, 2023

Hunter, We can’t begin to tell you just how loved you are. We can’t believe how time has flown and how far you’ve come. To tell you we are proud doesn’t even begin to express the pride and joy that we have for you. You did it, you are now a high school graduate and are about to start the biggest adventure in life. Difficult times and decisions will come, but you have been raised on a strong foundation that you can depend on. As you plan and prepare for the next chapter of your life, we want you to always be and do your best. All decisions have consequences. Make sure your decisions are in line with the goals you set for yourself, and you’ll be successful in everything you do. Graduating from high school does not mean you are graduating from needing or receiving help. Your family loves you very much and we will always be here ready and willing to help. No matter where life leads you, no matter what you do, we’ll always be your biggest fans and we’ll be here for you. We love you Always! Mom and Dad And the rest of your family