Chelsea is a crafty semi-athletic nerd. She loves to be creative, She’s obsessed with learning new things, and is physically active whenever she can be. Whether it’s on the roller derby track, the softball field, or just learning new workout routines, she’s always moving. Chelsea grew up in East Idaho for the most part but isn’t exactly friends with nature (too many bugs). In her spare time you can usually¬†find her in the movie theater, out roller skating in summer, or quietly reading or illustrating in a coffee shop downtown. Chelsea Ray the eldest of four children, no children of her own, and is currently working towards getting into college. She is learning American Sign Language (ironic for a radio dj, she’s aware) because communicating with EVERYONE is very important to her. Chelsea is passionate about¬†mental health, photography, and community involvement. You may even catch her at Comic Con; she’s that kind of nerdy. Regardless of where you spy a wild Chelsea Ray, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hey! She loves meeting people and making new friends.