Harry Styles amazes fans by catching gummy bear in his mouth while on stage

From April 13, 2018

Jamie-James MedinaHarry Styles is a man of many talents. While on stage for his headlining show at London’s O2 Arena Thursday night, he caught a gummy bear in his mouth after it was thrown by a fan.

The lucky feat was captured on video. It all started when fans near the front row began tossing handfuls of the gummies onto the stage. Harry decided to make a deal with them so he’d be able to stop dodging candy and continue singing.

"You can do one in my mouth and then the game's over," he said, adding, "And only throw [the] Haribo[-brand gummies]. Okay?"

And then it happened: the fan launched a solitary gummy, and Harry side-stepped to intercept it, catching it in his mouth. The crowd went wild and Harry dropped to his knees in victory.

“I cannot tell you how relieved I am that went in,” he said. “I am never gonna risk that again!”

Tomorrow, Harry heads to Glasgow and then hits Dublin on April 16 before taking his tour to Australia.

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