Lauv and Troye Sivan release live acoustic version of “i’m so tired…”

From March 14, 2019

Zhamak FulladLauv and Troye Sivan want to ensure you never get tired of their duet, “i’m so tired…”

The two have released a live, stripped-down version of the song, along with a video of the live performance filmed at Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

The new version of the song features a never-before-heard bridge that didn’t make it into the original track.

“Troye and I went to Henson Recording Studios to make this acoustic version of ‘i’m so tired…’ and we ended up including the infamous bridge,” Lauv says in a statement. “Also, Troye is an angel…go check it out and enjoy.”

Troye adds, “I’ve had the insane joy of playing this song live now for the last few weeks and have never felt a groundswell like this for a song I’m on before. So excited to put out this acoustic version of ‘i’m so tired…’ with Lauv!”

The original track has racked up over 100 million streams since its release.

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