Meghan Trainor says she wants to act in movies some day

From May 15, 2018

Epic RecordsMeghan Trainor doesn’t just want to be on movie soundtracks, she wants to be in movies.

The singer, whose song “Me Too” is featured in I Feel Pretty, tells The Hollywood Reporter that her goal is to one day star in films similar to the Amy Schumer comedy.

"But I just want to do some cameos first,” she says. “That's how you start. You get a little second here and then a few seconds there and then you get to be the lead."

For now, though, Meghan says she’s excited that her song is featured in I Feel Pretty.

“I've been a huge fan of Amy Schumer since her early stand-up, and I always knew she was going to blow up but I just didn't know when,” she says. “So, this is a dream come true to be here. This is a huge bucket list thing for me.”

As for acting tips, maybe Meghan's actor fiancé, Daryl Sabara -- who starred in the Spy Kids films -- will help.

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