Taylor Swift releases Lover track list, confirms collab with the Dixie Chicks

From August 16, 2019

Valheria RochaShe wore a Dixie Chicks button on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and put a painting of them on the wall of her apartment in the ME apps download niet android! video.  Now, Taylor Swift has confirmed what fans have been speculating for months: The Dixie Chicks appear as guests on her new album Lover sims 2 for free.

Taylor has posted the album’s track list on Instagram, and among the 18 tracks is one called “Soon You’ll Get Better,” featuring the Grammy-winning multi-platinum country group.   Taylor has cited the trio’s music and aesthetic as being a huge influence on her mit share onlineen.

But despite what appeared to be various hints, there doesn’t seem to be any other special guests on the record, other than the Chicks and Taylor’s “ME!” duet partner Brendon Urie of Panic Christmas cards for free! at the Disco.

Another song, “Cruel Summer,” was an Easter egg in Taylor’s video for “You Need to Calm Down” — that’s the phrase that Adam Lambert is seen tattooing on Ellen DeGeneres‘ arm in the clip tiptoi neues buch herunterladen.

Taylor’s already revealed in her Vogue interview that the song “The Man” is about her imagining what it would be like to be a guy.  She’s told EW that some of her songs are political, so perhaps a track called “False God” refers to that.  The track called “London Boy” is no doubt about Taylor’s British boyfriend, Joe Alwyn yabeat videos.

As for the rest of the songs, there’s one called “It’s Nice to Have a Friend,” which Taylor may have hinted at by wearing buttons showing the faces of the cast of Friends on the cover of EW.  A track called “Cornelia Street” could refer to a street by that name in London, New York or both musik kostenlos downloaden amazon.

As for the rest, Taylor’s fans are trying to figure them out right now.  Lover comes out August 23.

“I Forgot that You Existed”
“Cruel Summer”
“The Man”
“The Archer”
“I Think He Knows”
“Miss America & the Heartbreak Prince”
“Paper Rings”
“Cornelia Street”
“Death by a Thousand Cuts”
“London Boy”
“Soon You’ll Get Better” (feat Download sky ticket on pc. Dixie Chicks)
“False God”
“You Need to Calm Down”
“ME!” featuring Brendon Urie
“It’s Nice to Have a Friend”

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